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The Institute Technology and Education (ITB), University of Bremen

Project Contact:

  • Dr. Andreas Saniter —

About the institution

The Institute of Technology and Education (ITB) (approx. 60 employees) has been working in Research on Vocational and Higher Education and Training since more than 25 years. It is one of the largest independent research facilities on this topic in the world. It focuses on the interaction of work, technology and education and on people’s influence on this triangle, aiming at a close interaction between reforming vocational education and training and innovation in work and technology. Thus holistic mindset always guides the research activities between theory and practice to develop, implement and/or prove applied teaching and learning (e.g. innovative concepts and methods and target groups) and its structures (e.g. curricula and learning venues). Therefore, the research is based not only on multidisciplinary (e.g. cooperation between educational researchers, professional scientists, engineers, psychologists, economics), but also on internationality. The institute conducts a wide set of research and development projects on regional, national and international level.