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O1-Re-thinking Design Thinking

  • This output consists of the review and mapping of existing “Design Thinking Toolkits” and training courses. 
  • These tools are not designed in particular for VET Educators. 
  • O1 structures a ground for the development of O3. 
  • The publication is a literature review and analysis of existing practices within the field by means of selection through peer-reviewing. 

Please click here to access the publication.

O2-What do IVET need?

O2 compiles problem-solving methods in the training of IVET educators across Europe; reviews existing courses and training, identifying deficiencies/mistakes, evaluates this information and makes a mapping;
O2 shares the needs analysis of Educators in Technical VET Schools (Secondary level) across European countries. It helps prepare the ground for the development of O3 and O4. The analysis report gives access to the existing knowledge, skills, and competences of VET Educators linked to skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, ability to cooperate, creativity, computational thinking, and self-regulation.

“What do IVET need?”

– identify methods and tools currently applied in vocational training and create a mapping.
– analyze the needs of vocational educators for the preparation of future educational development.
– put forth the skills and actions of vocational educators which are needed for new infrastructures to be built in the future.

To access the publication choose your language:

English / Türkçe / Deutsch / Italian

O3-DT4VET Toolkit

DT4VET toolkit will be the first toolkit developed based on the needs/peculiarities of VET educators that:
– create a user-friendly toolkit that users can naturally gain creative problem-solving skills.

To access the full toolkit in pdf format please click here.

Bilgi Seti’nin tümüne pdf formatın erişmek için tıklayınız.

O4: DT4VET Online Training Module

O4 is devised as an online training module that explains how to use the DT4VET toolkit and explore its potentials. Its main purpose is to equip interested parties (Current or prospective VET Educators) with multiple facets of using the toolkit. To this end, the module consisting of training videos and any alternative interactive tools:

(1) includes videos (Turkish, English, German) on how to get-to-know the DT4VET toolkit;
(2) best practices and alternative uses of toolkit developed over the course of trainings;
(3) prospects for fostering integrative skills in clear and up-to-date communication techniques, knowledge of educational methods, and awareness of the professional role of the VET Educators. (4) via the option online chat with other trainers, it prospects to foster collaborative learning processes.

The module videos are in English, Turkish, and German.

To access the online training module click here.